06 September 2008

Sick and tired

As regular readers of this weblog will have noticed, I have not been posting any entries for the past five days. Unfortunately I have not been well and spent most of the week in bed, receiving medical attention. I have just left my bed for the first time in three days, and can report that I am feeling a lot better now. Still somehow a little weak and strange, but the medical problem I had (and which caused me a lot of pain) is solved. So I hope to be able to write normal entries again from tomorrow onwards and catch up with some of the important matters of Ireland and the world.

I did not miss the news during my illness, as the radio beside my bed was on most of the time. So I heard everything about John McCain and Sarah Palin - including their speeches on the BBC World Service - and will write another entry about them tomorrow. As it happens, more details of the so far nebulous background of Mrs. Palin have come to my attention and I think they are worth to be shared here with my readers.

There are also several items from Ireland that I will analyse and comment on, especially the now fully developed recession. Several of our politicians, including the Taoiseach, have made various statements during the past few days, and it seems that they still don't know what to do and how to handle the crisis. I cannot say that I am surprised. Our present government is so full of clear incompetence that any real solution would actually come as a surprise to me.

But more about that tomorrow. Today I am not able to write a large entry. As I mentioned, I did just emerge from my sickbed, and even though it might sound strange, I am feeling quite tired. I presume that is not because of spending much time in bed, but a side effect of the medication. So I will keep this short today, just to let you know that I am still alive.

I don't like gaps in the weblog, but sadly there have been several this year. Well, what can one do? I am only a human being after all, and susceptible to illness and problems as anyone else.

By the way, I should mention that the weather has been absolutely atrocious again, with torrential rain, storm and flooding in many places, including Waterford.

According to a report from the Meteorological Office some parts of the country had in one day as much rain as there is normally in a whole month!

I was in my bed while the rain was hammering onto my roof, but it was at times so massive that I was seriously worried I might have to encounter another damage and leakage to the roof tiles, which have only been repaired recently. Well, fortunately this time I was not a victim of the foul weather. But I heard of many new cases of flooding and damage, and my heart goes out to all the people who are in trouble this time.

Things were especially bad in Dublin, and in another part of the island a bridge over a swollen river collapsed under the onslaught of the water. Many houses were flooded again, and one of the country's most prestigious horse race meeting had to be postponed. (They are hoping to hold it tomorrow...)

So all in all we had a very bad week again, which was even worse for me, being struck down by a painful sickness. Well, I don't want to come across as too troubles. After all, I had medical help and am alright again. Millions of people on this planet are a lot worse off, and that I never forget, regardless how bad I feel myself.

The Emerald Islander

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