21 September 2008

Irish Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We have already more than enough problems as it is, but to make things worse, another example of government incompetence has come to light.

Ireland has significantly underestimated the amount of greenhouse gas emissions the country will emit into the atmosphere over the next five years.

While the official figures are not published until later this month, RTÉ News has reported that the transport and agriculture sectors have been underestimated by as much as 12%.

Ireland's record on greenhouse gas emissions is stark. We are supposed to emit only 13% above the 1990 levels, but currently the amount stand at 25%, a total which is expected to go further up rather than down in coming years.

Besides all the other recent cock-ups and signs of obvious incompetence, it has emerged that the government's projections on greenhouse gas emissions are significantly out of kilter.

The statistic means that Ireland is significantly further from its Kyoto Protocol target than previously thought. This has forced the Cabinet into examining what 'additional measures' it can take to reduce emissions.

If the government promise of reducing emissions by 3% each year is to be achieved, those measures would need to achieve results almost immediately. As this is practically impossible, Ireland is in the environmental doghouse, more than a year after the Green Party joined the government coalition.
One wonders if the greenhouse gas emissions might be more under control if John Gormley, leader of the Greens and Minister for the Environment, had not wasted so much time fussing over our light bulbs.

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