12 September 2008

"eFlow" is a Shambles

Less than two weeks ago I wrote about the organised highway robbery of Irish toll roads, which is now done completely electronically and without employing any longer people in toll plazas.

As I decided to boycott the system and never use the M 50 motorway around Dublin, I do have of course no personal experience with eFlow, as the rip-off is now called to make it sound snappy.

But I just read two entries - in the blogs of Eoin Brazil and John Browne - that tell in detail how the eFlow online payment system works. Or rather not works, I should say, as both bloggers describe in detail how they struggled in frustration when they tried to hand over their € 3 toll fee.

This confirms my initial worries and suspicions about eFlow (see my entry from August 31st) and in fact things are actually worse than I thought. If you are interested, have a look at the entries of Eoin and John and read it for yourself. The links are:




If you have any common sense, you follow my example and boycott the M 5o as well. Or if you are a good lawyer, perhaps you might think of making a name for yourself by challenging the eFlow rip-off in court. Good Luck!

The Emerald Islander

P.S. It is interesting and quite telling that the place from which eFlow is operated is not even in Ireland, but in Bristol / England. And there I was, thinking this country is independent from the UK ...

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