25 September 2008

Cork Mini Marathon in Support of Amnesty

The Cork Ladies' Football Team is preparing for their appearance in the All-Ireland Final, which could crown them champions at the end of a good and successful season. But the ladies from Cork do not only play Football, they also care for Human Rights and work in support of Amnesty International (AI).

And it is no surprise that the sportive ladies support especially campaigns on female issues, such as Stop Violence against Women, Gender-based Discrimination and Support for Victims of Trafficking.

The Cork team captain Angela Walsh (photo) encourages women of all ages to walk or run in their Mini Marathon in support of Amnesty International and show that they care.
The event will take place on Sunday (September 28th) in Cork and all are welcome to participate.

”Whatever county you’re from, women's issues effect us all,” says Angela Walsh. ”While each person may have their own favourite charity, if you’re undecided, Amnesty may be the one for you.”

Being a member of AI for more than 30 years myself, I can only agree with Angela, support her work and wish her and everyone in Cork the best of luck and success for Sunday.

The Emerald Islander

If you are interested to take part in the Cork Mini Marathon, you can contact Jay Flavin, coordinator of AI Cork, under 087-8128236 or by e-mail to amnesty.cork@gmail.com


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