24 September 2008

Erin Brockovich supports Shell to Sea

Erin Brockovich (left), the American campaigner whose work was portrayed in an Oscar-winning film, has urged the international oil giant Shell to reroute its controversial gas pipeline in the west of Ireland.

The former legal clerk, who famously took on a massive US power company accused of toxic leaks, gave her whole-hearted support to the campaigners opposing the development in north Co. Mayo.

"I completely understand their concerns," she said in Dublin. "I deal with issues in the United States where pipelines have leaked and created health problems. That is always a family's concern. They should be concerned and I'm glad that they are."

The Shell to Sea campaign opposes Shell's attempts to lay a pipeline which will transport untreated and odourless gas from the Corrib offshore gas field to an inland refinery because of health and environmental fears. (for details see my entries of July 24th, September 14th and September 19th)

Miss Brockovich, who is in Ireland to promote the benefits of eating organic food, stated that "the pipeline must be relocated if it affects local residents' health or property".
"There is no compromise when it comes to health and safety, and Shell should respect that," she added.

The now famous activist, who was played by actress Julia Roberts in the award-winning film that carries her name, won a multi-million Dollar legal battle against the large US energy firm PG & E for families affected by contaminated water in a Californian town.

She said that a compromise could be reached between the campaigners and Shell after discussing the matter with John Gormley (right), the Minister for the Environment, Heritage & Local Government and leader of Ireland's Green Party.

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Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourself Erin. This is not about health or safety. It's about a bunch of moaning Sinn Feiners/IRA-heads that have feck all better to do than stir up the ire of the criminal classes.


The person who left the comment above chose to remain anonymous, as cowards and besmirchers often do.

So I don't know who he or she is.

As it speaks for itself, in content as well as style and language, there is also no need to reply to it.

But I like to share with you the information that at the time this comment was posted, someone using a computer owned by the Irish government was logged onto the blog.
I cannot be more specific, as all government office computers use the same domain - gov.ie - and one would need to know which computer number is allocated to which person in which office/department.

But I think that the fact alone is interesting and speaks volumes.

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