16 September 2008

Lipstick on Dogs and Pigs...!

No, this is not an endorsement of cosmetic products for animals. Not even a piece about the use of animals for the testing of new cosmetics. As an active member of the ISPCA (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) I am against that, anyway...

This is about the ridiculous double-standards of certain American politicians, which come usually to their strongest flourish in the Republican Party during election campaigns. It is meanwhile already a tradition (even though a dishonourable one) that any candidate standing against a Republican in an election - regardless on what level - will be subjected to an orchestrated smear campaign, with lies, half-truths and twisting of facts until they creak.

So one should not be surprised to see this now happening to Barack Obama (left), the Democratic candidate for the White House. As it happens, this year there is no-one in the Republican Party who comes even near the intellect, brilliance, clarity and courage of Senator Obama. They know that, and that it would therefore be futile to mount an intellectual or serious political campaign against him.

Having no sharp swords at their disposal, the Republicans decided to select the bluntest weapons they could find, hoping that they can fool and deceive the American voters again (as they did so successfully in 2004).
And once again the evil schemer Karl Rove (right), supported by his adlatus Steve Schmidt (who is John McCain's campaign manager) rolls out his tricks in the backroom.

Having forced McCain to accept the naive and totally inexperienced, but absolutely right-wing fundamentalist and gun-toting 'Christian' Sarah Palin (left) as 'running mate', they are now re-writing the campaign script and the policy lines of their candiate. Perhaps it is his age of now 72 years that has changed the once independent and admirable maverick from Arizona, or maybe he is by now just sick and tired of it all and will agree to anything, as long as it gets him the presidency.
But the John McCain who is now the Republican candidate for President of the USA is not the same man who ran in the Republican primaries in the year 2000 against - among others - George W. Bush.

Among historians there circulates a theory that Adolf Hitler did not live until the end of the Second World War; that he was actually assassinated by dissident Wehrmacht officers in 1943. But instead of regime change or the collapse of National Socialism they expected, the show went on, because top Nazis put one of Hitler's doubles (he had and used at least two we know of) in his place. However, this double lacked certain of Hitler's abilities and thus mistakes were made from 1943 to 1945 that the real Hitler might not have made. This is a theory, as I said, and we have no positive proof for it (nor any real evidence against it). But there are plenty of elements that make it look very plausible.

John McCain (right) has also undergone a complete change, though I do not expect that he was replaced by a double. But four years ago, before the presidential election campaign of 2004, he sold his soul and political principles to the Bush clan. What exactly happened will probably be never known to the public, but I believe that McCain agreed to give up his hefty criticism of Bush and his abstruse policies in exchange for a promise by Bush and his cronies to give him a 'free run' in 2008. And like all those who sold their soul to the Devil, he is now paying the price for it. Thus a man once seen as 'liberal' - and some still think he is - now has to rub shoulders with a woman like Sarah Palin and almost play second fiddle to her egocentric ignorance!

The linguistic controversy created by Republican 'spin doctors' some days ago is quite typical for the way they fight election campaigns. Never mind substance or real issues, as long as you can grab a few headlines in right-wing papers, TV and radio stations for a day or two, it is worth a go.

The phrase "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it still remains a pig" is quite popular in the USA, widely used in all walks of life (and not just in politics). In fact, John McCain has used it several times in public, the last time referring to Hillary Clinton.
But now, that Barack Obama used it, reflecting on McCain's apparent plans to change things in Washington, even though he is the candidate of the incumbent party and has voted more than 90% in favour of Bush's policies, the Republican smear machine is trying to imply that it is an apparently "sexist" remark and aimed at Sarah Palin!

Well, only brainwashed hardline Republicans, who would vote even for a pig, as long as it stands for their party, will see it that way. Everyone with a working brain will see the reality instead.

But one should not forget what gave the Republican backroom boys the basis for their attack on Senator Obama. It was Sarah Palin herself who - at the Republican convention - declared that the only difference between a "hockey mom" (like herself) and a pit bull (terrier) was lipstick. It has been pointed out by various observers and commentators that thus she proclaimed herself to be a "bitch", without actually using the word.

There is an old saying, that those sitting in glass houses should avoid throwing stones. Well, this is such a case. Anyone with common sense will see that it was Sarah Palin who drew the slight analogy towards herself, with her own words, even though Barack Obama did not intend it.
It was the Republican Party, and not Obama, who created the image of Sarah Palin as a "pig with lipstick". And one cannot help but thinking that they actually might have a point...

Perhaps both parties should in future concentrate more on facts and the massive problems that the USA are struggling with. Regardless who will be elected in November (and I hope it will be Barack Obama), the new President will have a very difficult job on his hands. There will be no requirement for pigs, pit bull terriers or even lipstick.
Required is instead a strong character, imagination, intelligence and the will to make substantial changes to an ailing and failing country. These traits I can see only in one party: the Democrats.

The Emerald Islander

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