26 September 2008

Another Company withdraws from Ireland

News of job losses, companies closing or foreign enterprises withdrawing from Ireland are now a daily occurrence. So some might not even follow those announcements with great attention, as a gloomy mood of apathy besets the nation, which is now officially in recession.

But it is very important to take notice of each piece of news - bad or good - so we can understand what is going on, where the economy is heading and what our political leaders are doing - or not doing - to stabilise the country and lead us into a prosperous and secure future.

Today another company announced that it will cease to work in Ireland. Enterprise Managed Services Ltd., which currently employ 200 people here and carried out maintenance on the network of Bord Gáis (Ireland's largest supplier of natural gas), has decided to leave the Irish market, putting more than 100 jobs at risk.
Negotiations are continuing in an attempt to ensure that some of the jobs are retained by a new contractor.

In a statement Bord Gáis said:
Enterprise Managed Services Ltd., the company contracted to carry out maintenance and development work on the Bord Gáis network in the eastern region, has confirmed that it has made a strategic decision to exit the Irish market. Consultation between Enterprise and trade unions has commenced with respect to Enterprise employees. The Bord Gáis maintenance contract will transfer to a new contractor on October 24th, 2008.
In the transition period, Bord Gáis and Enterprise will work closely together to ensure a smooth and effective transfer of operation and the continuous and safe supply of natural gas to customers.
Bord Gáis will continue to ensure that the natural gas network is operated and maintained to the highest international safety standards at all times and that customer service expectations will continue to be met.

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