29 April 2008

250 Irish Job Cuts at DELL Computers

US computer manufacturer Dell, which employs currently 4500 people in Ireland, is to reduce its Irish workforce by about 250 people. The job losses will mainly be in the areas of finance, IT, marketing, sales and technical support.

About 180 to 200 jobs will be lost at Dell's Cherrywood plant in South-Dublin, and the remainder in their plant in Limerick. Dell staff were informed about the job cuts - which will be compulsory - during a meeting with senior management this morning.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Dell said it regrets the impact the move will have on its employees, but it is "confident that the changes will position the company strongly for continued future growth". This might sound good, but is certainly little or no comfort for those who will be made redundant.

The development comes after Dell's plan to cut 10% of its entire workforce of currently more than 95,000 worldwide.
It is thought that the slowing US consumer demand for new computers amid its faltering economy and first signs of a recession are to blame for the job cuts.

Once again we see that economic problems are created through greed, speculation and mismanagement in the USA, and Irish people are losing their jobs as a result. As long as capitalism rules the world, such will happen again and again.

The Emerald Islander

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