27 April 2008

Second-highest Lotto Jackpot won in Dublin

The second-highest jackpot prize in the history of the Irish National Lottery, which was launched 20 years ago, was won last night.

There was just one winning ticket for a super-jackpot of € 15.65 million, and it was sold in Clondalkin, a district of Dublin, yesterday evening. According to a spokeswoman of the National Lottery the winning ticket was a € 6 quick-pick bought in a local news agent's shop only about an hour before the draw.

The National Lottery estimates that in the final hours leading up to the unusually attractive draw about 330,000 people an hour bought a ticket somewhere in Ireland. This means 5500 people a minute or 90 people each second. Quite some lotto fever for a country with just 4.25 million inhabitants...

The Emerald Islander

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