29 April 2008

Ryanair Mishap closes Polish Airport

The airport of Lodz in central Poland was closed today after an aeroplane from Ireland's no-frills airline Ryanair with 170 passengers on board went off the runway while preparing for take-off. A wheel on the Nottingham-bound Boeing 737 got stuck in soft ground after leaving the tarmac while apparently trying to turn around at the end of the runway.

Polish officials closed the airport at around noon, while groups of technicians prepared to pull the trapped aeroplane back on to the runway.
Meanwhile the passengers were bused 130 km eastwards to Warsaw, where they were put on another flight to Nottingham.

Other flights from and to Lodz were being diverted to Warsaw, and a bus service was provided.

Michael O'Leary will not be pleased tonight...

The Emerald Islander

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