14 April 2008

Management Chaos in Dublin Postal Areas

An Post, Ireland's national postal service, is advising customers not to post any letters to addresses in the Dublin postal areas of Ballsbridge or Blackrock due to a massive backlog of undelivered post.

A spokesperson of An Post said that a number of their staff are refusing to co-operate with their new working practices and are also refusing to do overtime.

In 2006 An Post and the Communications Workers Union agreed a new nationwide system for collection and delivery of post. The system has been successfully implemented in 16 areas across the country. However, management says that staff in Blackrock and Ballsbridge are refusing to co-operate with the new system, and as a result a one-week backlog of undelivered items has built up.

An Post acknowledged that the 2006 agreement had involved substantial change, but said the "localised problem in Ballsbridge and Blackrock" is now so serious that they are taking out several newspaper advertisements tomorrow, warning people not to post items to these areas until further notice.

It appears that the quality of management in An Post is getting ever more worse while their prices for postal items are going up all the time, some in quite ridiculous and uncompetitive steps.

However, there is no problem with posting items from the affected postal zones to other destinations, and counter services in post offices remain unaffected. There are also no problems in any other parts of the country.

The Emerald Islander

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