12 April 2008

Chinese Ambassador cannot face the Truth

The Chinese Ambassador to Ireland has walked out of the Green Party convention tonight after criticism by John Gormley of China's role in Tibet. Ambassador Liu Biwei left the venue in Dundalk as Gormley delivered his leader's speech shortly before 9 p.m. this evening.

John Gormley (right) told his delegates that human rights must extend to all countries and cultures. He said one country which has been exploited and suppressed and suffered for far too long is Tibet. He said the party condemns unequivocally the flagrant abuse of human rights by the Chinese government and called on the Chinese government to enter into a dialogue with the Dalai Lama.

After he left, the ambassador told RTÉ News that "Chinese people love peace and want good relations with Irish people". But with such empty platitudes the Chinese diplomat will not win a lot of friends among the well-informed Irish population. Well, he better keep his propaganda and brainwashed lines of waffle to himself if this is all he has to say.

Liu Biwei (pictured left), who has only recently taken up his post in Ireland after serving as China's Consul General in New York, said he had been invited to the Green Party convention, but he had not expected Minister Gormley as the leader of the Greens to say what he had said.

Well, Mr. Ambassador, if you have not noticed it so far, I have some news for you: In contrast to your own nation, Ireland is a free country. And here even politicians and government ministers can speak the truth, as strange as this might seem to you.

The whole of the Irish population might well be less than that of your sub-provincial city of Harbin (in the North-East of China), but we are a free people, free since 1922, after we fought 750 years against the same kind of oppression you have established in Tibet. So you should not be too surprised that the Irish feel more solidarity with the people of occupied Tibet than with their arrogant oppressors, who believe that now that they have a lot of money they can behave as they please and the whole world has to pay them homage.

Wrong, Mr. Ambassador. All the money in the world will not buy you honour and decency. As long as you keep Tibet occupied and maltreat and kill its people, you are not welcome in the free countries of this world. And if you cannot even stand to listen to a peaceful speech, then you better pack your bags and go home. Among the brainwashed minions there you will feel a lot happier than among the free people of Ireland.

The Emerald Islander

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