08 March 2008

Severe Weather Warning for Ireland

The Meteorological Office has issued a severe weather warning for the whole of Ireland. Force 10 winds and high tides are forecast to bring one of the strongest storms of the winter over the next two days.

Wind gusts of up to 120 or 130 km/h are likely, with rainfall of about 20-30mm expected between Sunday night and Monday. Unusually high tides are also posing the risk of flooding in some areas. Met Éireann is also advising drivers to expect difficult conditions on roads around the country.

A band of exceptionally low pressure is expected to bring severe winds, particularly in the south of the country. Weather inland is expected to be stormy tomorrow night and on Monday afternoon, with flood alerts issued to coastal areas. Flood barriers have already been put in place, and sailors and fishermen have been warned about conditions on the Irish Sea.
Preparations in the Dublin area
Dublin City Council says there is a likelihood of flooding tomorrow night and early Monday afternoon because of high tides.
Sea defences have been erected at areas north and south of Dublin city, and dam bags have been placed on seafront areas in Sandymount (photo), Ringsend and Clontarf. Temporary road closures have also been announced.
The Liffey boardwalk and nine sections of road will be closed during the flood alert periods - from 11 p.m. on Sunday night to 2 a.m. on Monday and from 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on Monday.

Ferry Services
All Irish Ferries Swift sailings on the Dublin to Holyhead route for today have been canceled. These cancellations followed warnings of gale force winds in all sea areas.
Passengers will be accommodated on the cruise ferry sailing at 8.55 p.m. tonight. All other Irish Ferries services and all Stena Line services are expected to sail as scheduled.

Even though the Sun is shining brightly here right now and we have a clear blue sky, the weather warning should be taken seriously. Anyone who needs not to go out during the time of the storm would be well advised to stay indoors.

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