09 March 2008

Button down the Hatches!

If you live in Ireland - especially in the South of the island - and have not yet heard of the severe weather warning (for details see my entry from yesterday) then you better hurry up and secure your house and anything else that needs attention.

Here in Waterford the rain has started about an hour ago, and the strong wind has arrived as well, blowing over my cottage with forceful gusts already. But it is supposed to get a lot worse during the night, and tomorrow all day.

So button down the hatches, make sure all your windows are tightly closed, and put some extra cover on the inside of your door, to keep the cold and storm at a minimum. Then check that your heating system is working (I just put two extra logs onto the fire), make yourself a good cup of tea and sit back. There is nothing more you can do.

The storm will pass, and hopefully without causing great damage. And while it rages, the best and most sensible thing you can do is to stay inside and be calm. Blessings on all of you around the country, and may the storm be your friend!

The Emerald Islander

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