11 March 2008

Lisbon Referendum will be held in June

Bertie Ahern has told the Dáil today that Ireland's Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty will be held in the second week of June.

He told Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny that the government had discussed the date at its meeting this morning and had "more or less signed off on the date", but the day of the week had not been finally settled.

The Taoiseach said he would consult with Deputy Kenny and Labour leader Eamon Gilmore about the day of the week, pointing out that the second referendum on the Nice Treaty was held on a Saturday, while the first took place on a Thursday.

Responding to concerns raised by Fine Gael's Alan Shatter about Leaving Certificate students who would be unable to concentrate on the referendum due to their examinations, Mr. Ahern pointed out that most of them were finished by June 12th.
This would suggest he might consider a vote on Friday, June 13th or Saturday, June 14th.

Sinn Féin's Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin asked the Taoiseach whether he would rule out a second vote if the people rejected the Lisbon Treaty, but Bertie Ahern - obviously embarrassed - did not respond.

It appears that the government, as well as the other partners in the YES camp (mainly Fine Gael, the Labour Party, the PDs and 2/3 of the Green Party), believe that they will have a plain sailing and the people will be "good citizens" and accept the treaty, as they are told to do by their leaders.
If this is a correct assessment remains to be seen, as more and more flaws in the Lisbon Treaty become known and an increasing number of citizens become more concerned.

The Emerald Islander



Not alone will this make it a difficult time for Leaving Cert Students to vote on the Lisbon Treaty
but not informing them or the public about the contents of the Treaty will make it difficult for everybody including the students.

I have been speaking to my son's friends (who are all doing their Leaving Certs this year) about the Treaty. Each one of them asked me what it was!!
They had heard something about it but haven't got a clue about what it means or the possible implications of voting either for or against. I think the vast majority of people would be in the same boat. This is simply because we are not being informed and we all have some 'vague' notion as to whether it would be a good or a bad thing. A booklet should have been published and sent to each household, just as the Rules of the Road have been.

Is it enough for us , the people of this Island to go voting on such a serious issue with 'vague' ideas as to what it is all about? I would compare it to driving through a dense fog on an unknown road
and wondering where it will lead us to.

We should not be expected to vote unless we have
been fully informed. I think it is insulting to the people of this country that the government have decided that we can be led blindfolded to the polls
so that their own agenda is carried. Should we allow the Government decide for us? That's what is happening.

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