26 March 2008

Demonstration for a decent Health Service

The Irish people have suffered enough (in my opinion more than enough) from the inadequate Health Service our government provides (or often rather not). And even though most of us are too complacent and too slow to complain, the boiling point in public opinion has been reached.

So there will be - at last - a major demonstration for a decent Health Service in Dublin this coming Saturday, March 29th. The march will be organised by the trade unions and by a number of patients' groups. Assembly will be at Parnell Square from 2.30 p.m. on, and the protest march will start at 3 p.m., going to Molesworth Street. There will be speeches on both ends of the demonstration.

This is a significant step forward, and it will be important to have large numbers of people taking part. So if you can manage to participate, please do. I have been informed that SIPTU is organising bus transport from outside Dublin, so if you are not in Dublin and have no transport of your own, it would be advisable to contact your local SIPTU branch.

The Emerald Islander

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