08 November 2008

Waterford damaged by 'Mini Tornado'

Waterford, Ireland's oldest city, was hit by a 'mini tornado' shortly before 3.30 p.m. this afternoon.
More than two dozen houses have been damaged, following a sudden burst of extremely heavy storm that struck the area without meteorological warning.

Worst affected was the Larchville estate in the western part of the city, close to the main campus of Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and near our world-famous glass factory Waterford Crystal.
Significant damage has been done to houses, and some trees in the area were knocked down as well. But fortunately there are no reports of anyone being injured.

Adverse weather conditions have hit Ireland and the sea areas around the island for the past two days, and the forecast for tonight, tomorrow and the coming days is pretty bad, too. Very stormy and wet weather is upon us, with heavy rain, gusts, hail and even thunderstorms. The strength of winds around the Irish coasts for the coming night is predicted to be between force 9 (severe gale) and force 11 (violent storm).

There are also reports of localised flooding in many parts of the south-east of Ireland.

So it is once again time to get the Wellington boots out, brace ourselves, lock the door, secure the windows, and make sure that a good fire is burning in the hearth all night.

The Emerald Islander


JoeCashin said...

Great coverage. I was out walking this evening around this time and there was not a breeze and next I could hear the wind coming through the trees and the heavens opened with rain. Luckily we escaped the freak storm in Mooncoin.

Anonymous said...

take very good care of yourself

Stormchaser Paul said...

There is a love of this word "mini" tornado in Ireland, a tornado is a tornado nothing mini about it, and by the looks of it it was a farily decent tornado by international standards too.

Anonymous said...

That photograph is not Larchville in Waterford. I would go to say it's not even in Ireland!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone actually see a tornado? If so, they should contact tornado research at U.C.C.'s Department of Geography.

Anonymous said...

I saw it, and this is my house on the photo. So stop messing, please. It was terrifying enough.

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