23 November 2008

New Red C Poll shows FG still in Lead over FF

A new Irish opinion poll registers a slight recovery in support for the main government party Fianna Fáil, while support for the largest opposition party Fine Gael has also increased.

The Red C poll in today's edition of the Sunday Business Post shows Fianna Fáil now at 30%, which is an increase of four points since last month.

However, Fine Gael is up by two points to 35%, which represents a strong performance for the main opposition party.

The other political parties show a slight fall in support. The Labour Party is down one point to 14%, the Green Party has also dropped one point to 5%, while Sinn Féin lost two points since last month and is now back on 8%, where it stood for some time before.

Support for Independents remains unchanged at 8%.

Last month's Red C poll caused shock waves throughout Ireland's political system with a huge drop in support for Fianna Fáil in the wake of the 2009 Budget.
Fine Gael swept into a seven point lead over its traditional rival and even though the difference is now reduced to 5%, it is the best result for Fine Gael in modern times and coincides with the party's national conference in Wexford.

Last month's findings of the Red C poll were broadly confirmed in an TNS/mrbi poll for The Irish Times, also published last month, and the government's unpopularity continues on an all-time low. Besides the collapse of Fianna Fáil much of the public's anger is directed at the Green Party, which joined the government coalition as a junior partner in June 2007.

The third and smallest coalition partner, the Progressive Democrats, which were still listed in last month's poll, have meanwhile decided to dissolve their party and do no longer exist.
Its representative in the Cabinet - Health Minister Mary Harney - is now regarded as an 'independent'.

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