09 November 2008

International Exercise VIKING 08

150 troops from the Irish Defence Forces are currently participating in the multinational, computer-assisted exercise VIKING 08, which began on November 3rd and will end on November 14th. This is the fifth in the VIKING Exercise series, which started in 1999 under the principles of Partnership for Peace (PfP).

The joint military, civilian and police exercise creates a realistic scenario based on complex, UN-mandated Chapter VII peace support operation, which includes security assistance during parliamentary elections.

Over 2000 international personnel (civilian and military) across eight sites in seven countries (Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Austria and Switzerland) are involved in the exercise.
Ireland's contribution is centred on the Military College in the Curragh and mirrors a Multinational Brigade HQ with staff from Ireland, Sweden and Austria.

Brigadier General Dennis Murphy, GOC 2 Eastern Brigade, is in command of the Defence Forces personnel.

The overall aims and objectives of VIKING 08 are for both civilian and military staffs to enhance their individual knowledge and planning skills, as well as to practice co-operation and co-ordination to ensure understanding of the roles and capabilities of the various organisations.
VIKING 08 is a learning exercise for an identifiable audience that may serve on this type of operation in the future.

Representatives from the Department of Defence, the Civil Defence, the Garda Síochána, the Irish Prison Service, Irish Aid, the Irish Red Cross, the Health Service Executive (HSE), GOAL, Concern and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees are participating in the exercise.

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Anonymous said...

I would say that communications would be the biggest issue as sometimes things get lost in translation. This seems like it will be a great learning experience for all involved.

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