05 November 2008

US 2008: Barack Obama wins the White House!

With 15 more states closing their polls, a clearer picture emerges now. And even though it is still early in the night, I am confident enough to call this presidential election for the Democrats, which means that the 44th President of the USA will be Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

He will only be the second President from the state of Illinois, following in the footsteps of his great inspiration, the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

As I write this, the balance in the all-important Electoral College stands at

194 for Barack Obama to 69 for John McCain.

This means that Barack Obama needs only a further 76 votes in the Electoral College to become President. With the western seaboard still voting, this should be an easy task, as California alone has 55 delegates. And California has been called for Obama long before the election even began.

Meanwhile the Democrats have extended their majority in the US Senate by one, with now 52 Democrats to 35 Republicans (out of 100 Senators).

In the race for the 435 seats in the House of Representatives (where the majority is 218) so far 146 electoral districts have declared a result. Elected are by now 90 Democrats and 56 Republicans.

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