27 May 2009

Intel Staff Meetings over Redundancies

Today the management of Intel (Ireland) Ltd. held meetings with staff members who have volunteered to take redundancy.
In February the US company, which is the world's leading manufacturer of computer chips, announced plans to cut "up to 300 jobs" at their Irish main production facility in Leixlip, County Kildare through a voluntary redundancy programme, which is part of a worldwide cost-cutting plan.

The company indicated that the jobs would go before June of this year, but a definite time-scale has not been announced. It is also not known how many of Intel's staff members have applied for voluntary redundancy.

Employees interested in availing of the programme have made applications to the management over the past few months, and today they found out who will stay and who will go.
One-to-one meetings between line managers and staff began early this morning and went on for most of the day.

Implementing their global cost-cutting plan, Intel has shed already thousands of jobs this year and manufacturing plants in China, Malaysia and the Philippines have been closed.

Intel employs currently more than 5000 people in Ireland and is one of the most important high-technology companies in the country.

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