19 June 2008

Kathy and the Boys in Green

Kathy Sinnott, the independent MEP for the Southern constituency of Ireland and one of the leading lights in the recent 'NO to Lisbon' campaign, is an outspoken and fearless woman, as well as a very determined member of parliament.
More than most Irish MEPs she has in the past always stood up for Ireland and defended the nation's interests. (For example, she was the main voice from this country protesting against the destruction of the Irish sugar industry by the EU bureaucracy...)

Yesterday, during a plenum session of the European Parliament in Brussels, she made once again a clear statement for Ireland. Kathy, supported by fellow MEPs from Britain and other EU countries, wore a green sweatshirt with the words 'Respect the Irish Vote' during the parliamentary session.

This silent demonstration was in response to the statements of EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and various other politicians from different member states that the Lisbon Treaty should be ratified by all other countries, despite the resounding Irish NO to it. Under its own rules, the treaty will need the ratification by all member states to become EU law. The Irish rejection has made that impossible, but stubborn politicians - especially from the large member countries - still seem not to be able to understand the meaning of the word 'No'.

The Emerald Islander

Kathy Sinnott MEP (front row centre) is joined in protest in Brussels yesterday by Eurosceptic MEPs from Britain and the Netherlands. Clockwise from top left: Gerald Batten, Geoffrey Bloom, Mike Natrass, Geoffrey Titford (all members of the UK Independence Party), and Bas Belder of Hollands Christen Unie-SGP.


Johnny McElligott, Listowel said...

Good on Kathy Sinnott. Isn't it great to have independent thought in political representatives where they can speak their own mind rather than waiting to be told what to say?


Yes, it is. Kathy Sinnott works very hard for Ireland and Munster, and we should not forget this when the next European election takes place in 2009.

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