18 June 2008

Islands for Sale

Have you ever dreamed of living on your own island? If so, there is some news from the Irish Sea that might interest you.

A group of three small Scottish islands, popular with Ireland's sailing community, has come on the property market.

Sanda (pictured above), Sheep Island and Glunimore - off the Mull of Kintyre on the west coast of Scotland and close to Northern Ireland - have been put up for sale by their current owner Nick Gannon.

Sanda, which had little more than a few derelict buildings twenty years ago, now has a pub, a farmhouse and a number of self-catering cottages. The 315-acre island, circa twenty miles east of Ballycastle, is even known to host the occasional stag and hen party. And Britain's Princess Royal, Princess Anne, sailed to Sanda in 2004 just to purchase some of its famous free range eggs.
But usually the island is a popular place for sailors, mostly from Ireland, to stop and go ashore for a drink, some fresh provisions and a good conversation.

Sheep Island consists of nearly 40 acres and is inhabited only by a flock of 60 sheep, while Glunimore is little more than a lump of rock.

58-year-old Nick Gannon, who bought the three islands in 1989 for £ 250,000, said that he and his wife have decided to sell the group because they are separating.
"Although we have three daughters and a son, no-one in the family wants to take over the islands," he declared.

There are some ancient rights and special privileges connected to the islands. The new owner of Sanda will have the right to issue his own postage stamps and to mint his own gold coins.

However, the islands are not cheap. Nick Gannon is looking for about £ 3.2 million (which is circa 4 million Euro).

The Emerald Islander

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