12 June 2008

Back online

Regular readers of this weblog will have noticed that I have not been writing any entries since May 23rd.
Some expressed their disappointment about it and were wondering if I was well or suffering from some illness.

In late May I was indeed unwell and had to spend some days in hospital for treatment. Even though it was nothing life-threatening, it was quite painful and unpleasant. Thus I was unable to do any writing online.

Fortunately I am fully recovered and well again. However, since I was heavily involved in the Lisbon Treaty campaign, this weblog has not been updated for the past two weeks either, while I have been out and about in many parts of the country, informing the people about the Treaty and discussing it in public. These were long and strenuous days, which did not leave me time for writing entries here.

Now that the Referendum has taken place and we are anxiously waiting for the result, I am back at home and able to resume my regular duties as a blogger. So from tomorrow on normal service will resume here, and I hope you will keep reading my thoughts and comments, views and analysis again, as many have done since the begin of this year.

The Emerald Islander

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