19 May 2008

Sinn Féin launches Lisbon Campaign

This morning Sinn Féin has officially launched its campaign for a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

At a media presentation in Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald (photo above) said that if the Lisbon Treaty was rejected next month, a new and better deal for Ireland could then be negotiated.

She pointed out that it was vital for Ireland to retain our permanent seat at the European Commission and warned that the treaty was a dangerous document for our economy and the agricultural sector.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams (right) accused the Yes camp of scaremongering and said the treaty was not as complex as they were trying to suggest.

Calling for a national debate on the issue, Mr. Adams said the world would not end if the Lisbon Treaty were rejected. But Ireland would then have the chance to be taken more serious in Europe, which was using the treaty to reduce the influence of the smaller countries to a minimum, while the large countries would gain unprecedented power that was not controlled by democratic institutions.

Sinn Féin is the only of Ireland's major parties campaigning for a No vote. A number of smaller parties, the majority of the trade union movement and numerous citizen groups are also campaigning to vote No.

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