05 February 2008

"Super Tuesday"

During the season of US Primary elections traditionally a specific Tuesday in February or March is designated as "Super Tuesday", because a large number of states will vote for the nominees of both major political parties on this very day all over the USA.

As everything this year is a bit early - because of a very early date for Easter - today is "Super Tuesday" for this year's election campaign. In a total of 24 US states millions of Democrats and Republicans will decide who should represent them in the forthcoming presidential election in early November. Many millions more will watch the results from across the whole North-American continent and follow each state and party with great interest. I am one of them, and as I write this, I am getting ready for a special event here tonight.

The fifth birthday of politics.ie, a leading political website here in Ireland, coincides with "Super Tuesday" and many interested people will gather in Dun Laoghaire, a famous suburb of Dublin, to celebrate the anniversary while they also watch the US Primary results coming in - all night long until 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. This will be a long night, but I hope it will be a good one.

All day long some US citizens who are members of the Democratic Party and currently live in Ireland were gathering already in a pub in Dublin's Suffolk Street. There "Democrats abroad", who will send a total of 22 delegates to the nomination convention, were voting in their special Irish Primary. With only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama left standing, the support was fairly evenly divided and I have not yet heard of a result. But in case I pick that news up tonight in Dun Laoghaire - together with many others - I will report it here tomorrow. Now I better get ready for dinner, as we have booked a table and one should never leave friends waiting.

The Emerald Islander


Mrs. Fox said...

Stumbled across your blog today. Wonderful to get an outside perspective. Yours in not the first blog from outside the U.S.A. that mentioned Super Tuesday. I was initially surprised and then humbled. It's uncomfortable to think how much weighs on the decision of the average American. I worry we aren't equal to the task. At any rate, I shall do my bit. Here's hoping things go better than last time.


Thank you for your comment. It is also good to know that one's humble utterings on this side of the great ocean are noticed on the other side.

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