23 June 2009

Heavy Rainfalls cause Flash Floods in Donegal

Heavy rainfalls and thundery showers in the Northwest of Ireland have caused some serious flash flooding in parts of western Co. Donegal.

While the day was warm and sunny in most parts of Ireland, an unpleasant micro weather system developed over the Northwest and caused these quite rare conditions.

According to local reports the rainfall was so sudden and heavy that the normal drainage systems could not cope with it and water was soon running down the main roads.

Several rivers in Co. Donegal also were overwhelmed and burst their banks, leading in some parts of the county to sudden flash floods of up to six feet.

According to the Garda and regional emergency services about 20 houses and several commercial buildings were damaged by the floods.


Hugh said...

I grew up in the Northwest of Donegal. Could you be a bit more specific about the location of the towns and the rivers getting flooded?

Anonymous said...

it happened in gweedore


Thank you for your interest, Hugh, and for leaving a comment. When I wrote this last night, I was rather tired and the news was sketchy. But I thought I should mention it, to keep the weblog up to date.

As our anonymous friend added correctly, the heavy rainfalls and subsequent floods were in the Gaeltacht of Gweedore, with Bunbeg and Derrybeg bearing the brunt.

Your request for more information and the large amount of readers who were looking up this particular entry have led me to write a more detailed entry about it. You find it directly above and I hope it will give you all the information you seek.
(If not, feel free to leave another comment and ask for more...)

Anonymous said...

Amazing that these freakish weather conditions happen again and again. I suppose it is 'good news' that only a small area was hit by the floods. Otherwise it could have been a real catastrophe.

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