05 October 2008

Two Unions call for Rejection of Pay Deal

The Civil and Public Services Union (CPSU), which represents 13,000 lower paid civil servants, is to recommend that its members vote to reject the new National Pay Agreement when they ballot on it over the coming weeks.

The executive of the union voted to recommend rejection of the deal narrowly by a margin of nine votes to eight.
General Secretary Blair Horan (photo) had wanted the deal put to members without any recommendation, but the executive overruled his view.

It is understood that the CPSU executive were concerned about the low level of the pay increase of 6% over 21 months, the 11-month pay pause and the linking of general increases to change and modernisation.

Blair Horan acknowledged that the pay deal was "far from ideal", but said he believed it was "the best deal that could be negotiated in the current difficult circumstances".

Ireland's second largest trade union, UNITE, has already recommended that its members should reject the deal.
However, the largest public service union IMPACT has recommended acceptance.

It remains to be seen whether members will vote to accept or reject the deal in light of the ever worsening economic situation.

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