07 October 2008

Chicken Processing resumes at Cappoquin

Work has resumed again at the premises of Cappoquin Chickens - recently renamed Cappoquin Poultry - in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, after many of the employees began accepting new work and pay conditions.

The new (English) management team suggested that employees would have to take a 17% cut in hourly pay, with most of them having to work for the minimum wage of € 8.65. Under the plan 25 people would lose their jobs.
A majority of employees present rejected this and a new offer was put to them which would entail a further ten job losses, but those remaining would be offered € 9 per hour and time and a quarter for overtime.

Most of the 200 employees said they were unhappy with pay terms and conditions first proposed.
They were told that they can either apply for a job with the new company or take redundancy terms set out by the liquidator of Cappoquin Chickens.

Eventually, many of the workers did accept the second offer of the new management, even though they will still earn less than they did before in the old company.
With few jobs available in the rural western part of Co. Waterford and unemployment rising fast all over Ireland, they do not have much of a choice. Especially as most of the people in question have worked in the poultry business for a long time and would not find it easy to change over into other industries.

Under the new regime there are expected to be at least 40 fewer staff required from the 200 which were employed last month. Negotiations are continuing with office and delivery staff.

Cappoquin Chickens, which had been in liquidation for a month, was bought by a consortium led by the British-based company Derby Poultry Processors. (see my entries of September 17th and October 3rd)

It remains to be seen if the business will flourish again under its new ownership, and if market shares lost in the past can be regained.
For the moment it is good news that the business is kept in operation, in particular as Co. Waterford has one of the highest unemployment figures in the country and every person in work is a step forward, out of the current recession.

The Emerald Islander

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It sounds like the new owners are big chickens because they are hoarding their golden eggs. The employees should be squawking like banchies.

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