27 August 2008

Slightly depressed

I know that I should be grateful that things are improving, and that I am almost there with making my little house properly inhabitable and comfortable again. And I know that things could be a lot worse. After all, there are people in this country who lost everything this summer due to the floods, their homes and all that was in them.

But I cannot help it, I still find myself somehow slightly depressed. Not that I am easily shaken by things, and I have been through a lot in my life. So I should not be touched by something so 'trivial' as a leaking roof on an old cottage and what comes from it.

Well, it appears that there is something inside me that I might have overlooked for a good while. A certain amount of sadness, ignored for some time, combined with a generally pessimistic outlook on the world as it presents itself at present, makes me feel strange and awkward.
Perhaps this has been with me for some time, or even for much longer. But I did not take notice of it. So it appears that it needed the added experience of water in the house to become aware of it.

Since I am not able to make complete sense of my current feelings, I will have to consult a fellow consultant. No, this is not a joke. It is quite normal that one cannot see and solve one's own very personal problems by oneself, even though one has the proper training for it. It always needs an outsider to look inside a person's soul. So I better make an appointment in the morning...

The Emerald Islander


eve said...

I've been really gloomy these days too. Prolly the accumulated worries and bad incidents had overcome me nowadays. How to get rid of these feelings...


Yes, there have been a lot of things lately that can easily lead to great frustration and depression. From the world-wide recession over the farce of the 'Olympic Games' in China to the Russian invasion of Georgia there are many things that come to my mind.

How to get rid of depression and the gloomy feelings? Well, that is not as easy as it might look.
Generally positive thinking can help, although it does nothing for me when I am really down.
Seeing a Counselor for professional help is always a good idea, and I can recommend that.

Apart from that, well, if we could make the world a better place with more caring and intelligent people, it would help a lot and make such a difference.

I wish you well, and thanks for reading my blog and leaving your comment.

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