28 August 2008

A few Hours of Summer at last...

Even though I had almost given up hope to see any kind of 'summer' here in Ireland for the rest of the year, today has positively surprised me (and surely many more on the Emerald Isle). After a grey and overcast morning the Sun decided to make an appearance at about lunchtime, and as I am writing this it is still warm and sunny. Thus we have a few hours of proper summer after all before August turns into September.

And, as often when the weather improves, I am feeling a lot better as well. It really makes quite a difference. Still coping with a few technical problems of the domestic kind after the flooding, I am in a lighter mood today, even though I have not seen my counselor yet.
Well, I am really rather easy to please: Give me a few rays of sunshine, a bit of birdsong and a cup of tea and I am generally content. Add a good idea or two, and I am happy.

I even wrote a new poem - out of the blue - about an hour ago. It just appeared in my mind in the middle of some historical research, and it appeared almost perfect, well-shaped and worded, in a nice format of six verses with four lines each. This really has made my day.

In the past I used to write a lot more poetry, in two different languages (and sometimes even experimenting in a third, in which I am not fully fluent). But for years now the quantity of poems that come to my mind (one cannot plan a poem and write it like an article, story or letter) has been reduced due to a lot of other work and commitments.
But ever so often I still have an inspiration and write some poetry, these days mostly in English. Usually it happens unexpected and almost accidentally. But that is the nature of true poetry. Like a cat one can never control it fully...

Well, I just thought I should share the good news with the world, especially since I had rather a gloomy entry yesterday and not much happiness to report for some time. I intend to post a few more thoughts of the political and analytical kind later as well. But now I will go and make a new pot of tea.

The Emerald Islander

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