02 September 2009

New Survey shows that Irish People have the third-lowest Confidence in the Economy

A new survey has revealed that the Irish have the third-lowest confidence in the economy within the 27 member states of the European Union.

The latest Eurobarometer survey, which was published today, shows that just 6% of our people think the economic situation in Ireland is 'good'.

Only the Hungarians (at 5%) and the Latvians (with 2%) are more pessimistic than the Irish. The EU average is currently 20%.

The Irish's view of our domestic economy has declined by 83% since the Spring of 2007.

On a positive note, the survey also shows that 69% of Irish people think that membership of the EU has been good for us. This is the fourth-highest rate in the EU.

And despite growing rumbles over the Lisbon Treaty, 57% of the Irish people have still an overall positive image of the EU.

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