28 April 2009

Another Taxi Drivers' Protest in Waterford

Motorists in Waterford City experienced severe traffic disruption today as most of the local taxi drivers took part in a work stoppage, organised in protest over the number of taxi licences being issued.

Taxi drivers carried out a 'go-slow' along the city's quays and across the Rice Bridge from 12 o'clock noon until 3 pm this afternoon.

Members of the Waterford Taxi Drivers' Association say that "the market is swamped, due to endless licences being issued".
Some of the local drivers with many years of service expressed special anger over "a strange group of newcomers", which includes "a significant number of Africans with no roots in the community".

It appears that "Nigerians based in England" acquired Irish taxi licences and now operate taxis in various parts of Ireland - including Waterford - with "other African drivers they bring into the country as they please".

The main anger of the drivers is however directed against the Dublin-based 'Commission for Taxi Regulation', a useless 'Quango' established by Bertie Ahern, and against the current Minister for Transport, Fianna Fáil's Noel Dempsey.

The Emerald Islander

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