22 March 2009

Dublin gives Rugby Team a Heroes' Welcome

Nearly 20,000 people streamed into Dublin's inner city today to give Ireland's victorious Rugby team a heroes' welcome after they won their first 'Grand Slam' in the Six Nations Championship in 61 years yesterday in Cardiff (see yesterday's entry below).

Supporters from all across Ireland came to the capital and attended a special homecoming celebration for the team at the Mansion House in Dawson Street (the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin), where the victorious players and their coach - now all wearing smart suits - presented their trophy to the cheering public.

Team Manager Declan Kidney (on the photo front row left, with his left hand on the cup) told the enthusiastic fans it had been "a great journey for the team in recent weeks".
And indeed it has. Ireland defeated France and England at home and won away against Scotland and Italy. And then they also beat Wales yesterday, at the most difficult venue to beat them: their own home ground, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

"It's a special time to be involved in Rugby," Declan Kidney said in his typical modest way. "And I think the boys are enjoying it."

Ireland's captain Brian O'Driscoll (on the photo front row right, with his right hand on the cup) said that it had taken a while for the victory to sink in.
"It's a fantastic feeling waking up this morning: you're not as sore as you would be if you'd lost," he added.

The amazing series of five great wins in a row, and the confident style with which they were achieved, have not only elated the Irish Rugby team (which is an all-Ireland team with players from both the Republic and the North), their coach and their fans. It uplifted the spirit of the whole nation, and even people with little interest in sports (like myself) feel very happy about it.

Now all we need is a government that can copy the spirit of our Rugby players and match their performance...

The Emerald Islander

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