03 December 2008

The Irish are ripped off at the Petrol Pumps

A new day, and another new Irish scandal - as I have predicted it last week.

According to Ireland's largest opposition party Fine Gael (FG), Irish people are paying significantly more for petrol and diesel than anyone else in the rest of the EU.

The party says that Irish motorists have to spend every month on average € 30 million more that they should, and it is not because of higher taxes.

In recent weeks the costs of petrol and diesel have dropped significantly, due to a drastic fall of the price for crude oil. But Fine Gael says that the prices Irish drivers have to pay at the petrol stations are not going down enough, as oil companies and petrol stations decide not to pass on the full benefit of price reductions and pocket the money themselves instead.

The party has been comparing the prices people in Ireland are paying to everyone else in the EU.

Fine Gael's deputy leader and Finance spokesman Richard Bruton (photo) explains that petrol is 24% more expensive in Ireland, while diesel costs 18% more than in the other 26 EU countries.

Once again we are ripped off in a shameless and criminal way by big businesses - in this case the oil and petrol companies - and no-one seems to be able to do anything about it.

The government does not care, as its members are driven around in their luxurious ministerial cars by Gardai and have not even a clue what Irish people pay on the petrol pumps.
And the National Consumer Agency - a toothless paper tiger established by Bertie Ahern to give his ex-girlfriend Celia Larkin a cosy little job - shows no interest in the matter either.

What - I wonder - will Irish people have to do before the complacent and lazy louts in government begin to take any notice of us, our needs and our misery?

Might some demonstrations do the job? Or will it have to be a revolution after all...?

The Emerald Islander

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