02 January 2008

Grey Clouds with Silver Lining

This morning I traveled to Cork, Ireland's second city, for a number of meetings. The weather was quite bad, with dark grey skies and rain over the island. It was well after 8.30 a.m. when the first proper daylight appeared, but even then the heavy clouds above were hanging so deep that one could almost touch them with one's hands.

But in Ireland one is used to days like this. After arriving in Cork, I had a number of short morning meetings, introducing a new range of products I developed to potential customers. All went well, as I had expected, and with no surprises.

Then came lunchtime, and a pre-arranged long meeting for which I had no expectations, only a good feeling. How right I was! It turned out to be the most pleasant and inspiring meeting I have had for a long time. In a world full of empty-minded and selfish automatons one can still find the rare gem of a person, with warmth, spirit, personality and many good ideas. How lucky and how happy I am today is hard to express in words. And way beyond my own thoughts and feelings a new entity might have received its first creative sparks today. It is very early days yet, but I do have a positive feeling and am confident that it can be achieved. Keep reading and you will know all about it when it happens...

Having returned home very late, in rain and darkness, I look back on this day with great joy. It was dominated quite strongly by massive grey clouds, but they all had beautiful silver linings. They say that money is not everything, and neither is the weather.

With almost dry hair and warming in front of the fire, I remain for today

The Emerald Islander

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